Amy Rose Capetta


Amy Rose Capetta is the author of a YA sci-fi duet, Entangled and Unmade (HMH), as well as Echo After Echo (Candlewick), a queer love story wrapped in a murder mystery. Amy Rose holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has previously worked for the Writers’ League of Texas and served as assistant editor for the Children’s and Young Adult section of the literary journal Hunger Mountain. In addition to novels, she has written screenplays, the most recent of which debuted at the Toronto ReelHeart International Film Festival.


  • Sci-fi, fantasy, mystery/thriller, dystopian, supernatural, middle grade, YA, literary fiction, genre-bending fiction, LGBTQ fiction.


  • Manuscript critiques, content editing, developmental editing, first chapter reviews, query letter and synopsis editing.

“Amy Rose’s notes are insightful, thoughtful, and just plain right. She’s able to zoom out and see the structure and intent of a novel, but also has a poet’s ear for language on the sentence level. Amy Rose is an ideal reader and editor: She sees the best in your work, and she believes you can make it better.”

-Maggie Lehrman, Senior Editor at Abrams/Amulet, author of The Cost of All Things (forthcoming from Balzer + Bray)

“Amy Rose Capetta knows what makes a good story.  She appreciates the importance of plot and pacing, as well as need for unique and consistent characterization. Her feedback is clear, thoughtful and often profound — the kind of insightful editorial remarks that will not only make your WIP stronger but will make you a better writer on your next project, too.”

-Winifred Conkling, author of the Jane Addams award-winning Sylvia and Aki

 “Amy Rose’s editorial feedback changed the way I saw my own novel.  In a wonderful way. She peeled back my story layer by layer, character by character, highlighting the strength of each while raising the tough questions that needed to be asked. My protagonist and the people around her were brought front and center and asked to account for themselves, their wants, their fears, their motivations.  Amy Rose managed all of this with a wonderful enthusiasm that I had started to lose. She shed a new light on the world I’d worked so hard to create, a world that had accumulated a few cobwebs from the months of second guessing myself.  She picked it up, blew off the dust, and breathed a bit of fresh life into it.  That’s something I couldn’t have done on my own.”

-Meg Matherne, MFA graduate

“Amy Rose’s thorough feedback and insight provided invaluable guidance to my first chapter edit and critique.  She helped identify what was lacking in the chapter and pulled from the strengths in my writing to work with me and help shape the development of my story’s structure.  The extensive time and follow up Amy Rose provided illustrates her enthusiasm for working with budding writers. Working with her was an an experience that inspired myself as a writer to continue my novel with confidence.”

-Jennie Klesman, writer

“Amy Rose has a gift for guiding the structure of a manuscript and for fine-tuning the sentence-level details. Her suggestions are clear and insightful, and reflect the tone and style of the piece. Working with her has made me a better writer and helped to transform my novel into something of which I feel proud.”

-Kara Stockinger, writer

"Amy Rose’s editorial critique helped me refocus my story and remember my original intent. Using her razor-smart, specific questions, I was able to bring forward critical backstory pieces I’d weeded out and placed in later chapters. Additionally, Amy Rose helped me narrow in on a key aspect of my protagonist’s character that wasn’t coming through. What I valued most of all, however, was that she provided a very critical, in-depth analysis in a positive way. I enjoyed talking and working with her very much and will ultimately use her again in the future."

-Lori Sawicki, Ann Arbor, Michigan