Whether you're getting ready to self-publish or submit your manuscript to literary agents, there comes a point at which you need more than just "big-picture" feedback. At Yellow Bird, we offer three levels of line editing to help you improve your story from the ground up and polish the final text before publication. From content editing to proofreading, let us help you find your voice, refine your vision, and raise your manuscript to the next level.


Content editing / Heavy Line Editing
Typical quotes range from $0.035 - $0.065 per word for a full-length manuscript.
Otherwise known as “comprehensive editing” or “heavy line editing," content editing is the most extensive type of editing we offer. Your editor will comb through your manuscript with an eye for stylistic concerns like voice, rhythm, dialogue, character,  structure, and other intangible qualities that make for good writing. In addition to improving poorly constructed sentences and paragraphs, she will also address larger, systemic issues such as pacing, transitions, voice, word choice, character development, plot, and structure. This service touches on everything from big-picture commentary to nitty-gritty sentence-level details.

Copyediting / Moderate Line Editing
Typical quotes range from $0.015 - $0.035 per word for a full-length manuscript.
Copyediting includes corrections for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, spelling, sentence structure, awkward phrasing, and word usage errors. Your editor may also make suggestions to improve style, consistency, clarity, pacing, and dialogue. 

Proofreading / Light Line Editing
Typical quotes range from $0.008 - $0.015 per word for a full-length manuscript.
Please refer to this article for an explanation of the difference between copyediting and proofreading. Unlike copyediting, proofreading is typically done on a print-ready file and includes corrections for typos, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. Your editor will also check for visual disruptions in the text layout, e.g. widows and awkwardly placed hyphens at the end of a line. Proofreading is intended as a final check; the manuscript should already have been through at least one round of line editing.

All services above include one round of follow up questions via email or 30-minute phone call. Unless otherwise requested, edits will be made using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature. We require a sample in order to quote an exact per-word rate.


College Essay Editing
Typical quotes range from $150 - $450 depending the number of essays and rounds of revision.
Yellow Bird founder Sara Kocek has 7+ years experience working privately with high school students to develop and refine outstanding college admissions essays. She does much more than help college applicants improve individual essays; she guides students through shaping their entire collection of essays and short-answer questions to hone the overall message they send to the admissions committee. Sara is available for coaching (guiding students through the brainstorming and drafting process) and editing (improving existing drafts). Most coaching and editing sessions are conducted via email and phone.

Assistance with Miscellaneous Application Essays & Cover Letters
Typical quotes range from $75-$250 depending on the length of the materials.
If you're applying for a job, a grant, or a graduate program, our editors can help you polish your written materials to boost your chances of success.