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Anna Katz

Editor & Ghostwriter

Anna Katz ghostwrites books and book proposals for subject matter experts, academics, family historians, and aspiring memoirists. She writes and edits both fiction and nonfiction, and she is an author with W. W. Norton & Co., Mountaineers Books, Simon & Schuster, Weldon Owen, and Nat Geo Kids. She holds a master’s degree in existential phenomenological therapeutic psychology from Seattle University, a certification in Integrated Movement Therapy from the Samarya Center, and certificates in editing and writing from the University of Washington.

Anna's background in mental health and social services pairs perfectly with her work in writing and editing—both vocations are about helping people clarify their thinking and express themselves effectively. She lives in Seattle.


  • Narrative nonfiction, psychology, social justice, culture, politics; historical fiction, science fiction, thrillers, feminist romance.


  • Ghostwriting and collaboration, manuscript critiques, developmental editing, line editing, book coaching.

“I absolutely loved working with Anna. She is fantastic and exceptionally talented. She just gets it.”

- Sheryl O’Loughlin, author and CEO

“I'd drop a concept or idea on Anna, along with a pile of research, and she would create consistently compelling and evocative drafts that always hit the target. Her smarts are matched by the fresh insights she brings to a topic. She's a perfectionist but—thankfully—never neurotic about it." 

Mark Lipton, professor and author

"Anna is one of the most impressive people I’ve worked with over my 20-plus years as an editor and writer. She’s exceptionally smart and professional—she instinctively navigates her way through challenging projects or materials by asking insightful, solution-oriented questions and applying a solid mix of creativity and editorial judgment. If you want a partner on your project who is thoughtful and committed, call Anna." 

- Susan Wilson Hulett, editor and writer

“My work has greatly benefited from Anna’s creativity and thoughtfulness. Every CEO could use a great writer like Anna.”

- Barbara Annis, CEO and author

"I dreamed about writing my story for many years. Anna helped me make this dream come true. I greatly appreciate Anna’s commitment to her craft, her insight and expertise, and her dependability.”

- Hao Lam, CEO and author