As authors, industry professionals, and former editors at major publishing houses, our team has our fingers on the pulse of today's market. From querying literary agents to submitting to small presses to self-publishing an e-book, we're intimately familiar with the various paths to publication. We're here to advise you on your options and help you prepare your materials to maximize your chances of success. 


Publishing Consultations
$45 per half-hour phone consultation
Topics include: Self-publishing vs. traditional publication; finding and querying your ideal literary agent; miscellaneous guidance on navigating the path to publication.

Query Letter Review & Line Edit
$250 (or $225 if combined with another service)
Your manuscript is polished and ready-to-go. But to pique the interest of your dream agent, you'll need a query letter that's just as good--if not better. When you hire us for a query letter edit, we don't just fix the letter and send you back a new one with no explanations. We walk you through our proposed edits so that you can learn from the process for your next project.

Synopsis Review & Line Edit
$250 (or $225 if combined with another service)
It's harder than it looks to squeeze the highlights of your entire manuscript into a single page. Yet more and more agents are requesting a synopsis along with the query letter. Let us help you refine and polish yours.

Nonfiction Book Proposal Review & Line Edit
$0.05/word (2,500 word minimum)
Let us edit your proposal and your sample chapters so you can give your great idea its best shot at becoming a real book. This service includes comments in the margins as well as line edits made directly into the text via track changes.

Publishing Mentor
Prices vary by mentor. Inquire for details.
There are many paths to publication, and the journey is often rocky. Having a mentor beside you every step of the way can be a huge help. Your mentor will guide you about best practices, help with your query and pitch, offer advice on finding an agent, and more. When you have a question, your mentor will be there with an answer. Take some of the uncertainty out of your publication journey with someone who has done it before. (Please note: Mentors are there for guidance and support but can not recommend writers to agents.)

Book Marketing Mentor
Prices vary by mentor. Inquire for details.
Congratulations! You've got a book coming out. Now, how do you get it to readers? Whether you're self-publishing or publishing traditionally, authors must be their own marketers today, and this can be a daunting task. Your marketing mentor will help you through the process of releasing a book into the market for as long as you need. The mentor can help you determine a pre-release, release day and post-release strategy; brainstorm out-of-box marketing ideas; help you write and submit proposals to be a featured author at conferences and festivals; plan and coordinate social media; find balance between marketing and writing your next book; and more.