Rebecca Maizel


Rebecca Maizel is the author of the Infinite Days series (St Martins Press) and the forthcoming Between Us And The Moon (Harper Collins) due to publish this June. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts as well as an MA in Fiction Writing. In addition to her novels, Rebecca has worked as a literature professor as well as a middle school English teacher since 2009.  Rebecca has led various writing workshops within her community and at the collegiate level at RISD Continuing Education. Rebecca lives in Rhode Island, where she writes and teaches oceanside.


  • Fiction and narrative-driven nonfiction for all ages. Particular areas of interest include literary fiction, women’s fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, historical fiction, genre-bending fiction, and LGBTQ fiction.
  • Also available to edit screenplays and short-form writing, including short stories, vignettes, and creative nonfiction essays.


  • Manuscript critiques, content editing, developmental editing, first chapter critiques, private writing coaching.

“I just wanted to let you know that I received Rebecca’s critique and I just talked with her on the phone. She’s great. She is a very skilled editor and is very thoughtful in pointing out flaws in the manuscript and suggesting possible solutions. Thanks for steering me to her!”

-J. Harris, California

"Rebecca’s critique of my manuscript was amazing. The word amazing seems far too trite, but I couldn’t come up with a better way to say it. She has great talent, and I appreciated all of her insights."

-Joe Bingham, Utah

"It was a pleasure working with Rebecca, and I am looking forward to working with her more in the future. I am still making my way through her revisionary / visionary notes. They are both invigorating and overwhelming, in the best possible way. This is my third manuscript, and Rebecca is my third editor, and she has provided me with some of the most detailed and thoughtful edits of my work to date. She has managed to provide a new insight into some of my characters and has also helped to shift some of my more poetic ramblings into a streamlined storytelling focus. And the way she balanced the items I needed to work on with solid positive notes helped me to retain my confidence,  letting me know I was definitely moving in the right direction with my novel."

-Marcel Feldmar, author of Keys To The Sun (Peabo Productions 2016)

“Your story will benefit from Rebecca’s skilled and thoughtful feedback, and you will progress in your craft as a writer.”

-Hannah M., VCFA graduate, MFA 

“Rebecca’s critique was hands down the most in-depth and helpful I have ever received on a full novel. Rebecca got to the heart of what my manuscript needed, and was always there when I had questions or concerns. Thanks to her, I know I can create a stronger manuscript that is exactly what I want.”

-Rachel L., VCFA graduate, MFA 

“I’m so happy with your comments, Rebecca. I think they are right on and will really help me get “unstuck” in terms of plot. I really appreciate your careful reading and consideration. I’m so impressed with your insights and ideas. Thank you.” 

-Nicole Grasse, Illinois