We are a team of published authors, industry professionals, and former employees at major publishing houses, which means we have our fingers on the pulse of today’s market. From picture books to memoirs to sci-fi novels, our experienced team can help you polish your manuscript and guide you on your path to publication.

When you hire a Yellow Bird editor or writing coach, you get all the convenience, attention, and flexibility of working directly with a freelancer—plus peace of mind. With more than 100 years of combined editing experience, all of our editors and coaches are vetted professionals who will treat you and your work with the respect you deserve.

Perhaps most importantly, we are writers ourselves. We understand the nail-biting, hair-pulling frustration. We know what it’s like to face rejection and keep striving against the odds. We have felt first-hand the power of kind encouragement and unexpected praise. Books are big, messy, complicated creatures, and they require a lot of TLC. At the end of the day, we are more than editors. We are teachers, mentors, motivators, and lovers of words.