Suzy Spencer


Suzy Spencer is an award-winning journalist and author of four nonfiction books — Wasted, a New York Times best-sellter and Violet Crown Award finalist; Wages of Sin, which was featured in the 2013 season of Investigation Discovery’s Deadly Sins; Breaking Point, a Book of the Month Club, Doubleday Book Club, Literary Guild, and Mystery Guild selection; and The Fortune Hunter, which was called “riveting” and “block-buster” by Globe magazine. In 2012, the Berkley Books division of Penguin published Suzy’s first memoir, Secret Sex Lives: A Year on the Fringes of American Sexuality. Secret Sex Lives was named a Publishers Weekly Fall 2012 pick, a Barnes & Noble editor’s recommendation, and a Writers’ League of Texas 2013 Book Award finalist, among other accolades. Suzy holds a Master’s of Professional Writing in fiction and screenwriting and a Master’s of Business Administration in marketing and finance, both from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Baylor University.


  • Creative and narrative nonfiction, memoir, adult fiction including contemporary fiction, upmarket fiction, commercial fiction, women’s fiction, and thrillers.


  • Manuscript critiques, content editing, developmental editing, first chapter evaluations, nonfiction book proposal edits, private writing coaching, media coaching.

“Suzy’s worth her weight in gold as an editor.  Among her many talents, Suzy knows how to structure a story to hook the reader immediately, to keep the dialogue tight and vital, and to pace a story so that the reader remains engaged. She has a keen eye for details, strong opinions, excellent suggestions, and an impressive work ethic. Plus, Suzy is not a ‘yes man.’  She will be brutally honest about your writing. Writers of all experience levels and genres will gain valuable assistance and insight working with Suzy.”

–Francis Townsend, attorney and coaching client

“Suzy challenges writers while lifting them up.She does not allow you to accept mediocrity as your status quo.”

Jennifer Presley, magazine editor and coaching client

“Suzy was my editor and writing coach for a leadership book series. Her editing was accurate and current. She noticed my long circuitous sentences and had me change them; she noticed my use of repetition to make a point and had me stop. Most importantly, she was an encouraging, insightful, and experienced writing coach. She wasn’t snarky, critical, or demotivating like some in this business. She coached me on writing style, seeking my niche, how to keep the reader engaged, and what publishers look for in my genre. I would highly recommend Suzy as your editor and coach without any reservations.”

-Margaret Anne Meacham, PhD., Eagle Communications, Leadership Consultant

“Suzy Spencer has a realistic and knowledgeable approach to editing. She helped me get rid of non-essentials and repetitions. I would hire her again.”

 -Kay Taylor Burnett, novelist and editing client

“I attended a course that Suzy taught for the Writers’ League of Texas. She shared her expertise in the field of publishing with professionalism and enthusiasm. Her presentation was organized and easy to follow. The information she shared was very helpful to aspiring writers seeking representation and publication. Because she is a bestselling author, she spoke from a position of authority, but she was also entertaining, which enriches any learning experience.”

Linda Pennell, author of Al Capone at the Blanche Hotel and Confederado do Norte

“I have had the good fortune to work with Suzy on numerous occasions and have witnessed firsthand her teaching, coaching, writing and leadership skills. As former executive director of the Writers’ League of Texas, I hired Suzy numerous times to do writing workshops for the organization. When I co-chaired the National Federation of Press Women conference, Suzy received the highest marks of our participants for her nonfiction workshop. In fact, the workshops after her session suffered from participation because those who attended Suzy’s workshop were so interested in what she said, they continued their discussion long after the workshop ended. Comments such as “This was the best writing workshop I’ve ever attended” and “She took time to answer each participant’s question and gave us great advice” were common. She has extraordinary skills as a teacher and coach, and I will gladly hire her again whenever I have the opportunity.”

 -Angela Smith, Executive Director Emeritus, Writers’ League of Texas, and author of Steel Drums and Steelbands: A History

“Suzy Spencer kept our writers guild on the edge of our collective seats as she helped us with Writing Sex: Fantasy v. Reality. Suzy shared excerpts from her bestselling books as well as quotes from many others to illustrate writing sex effectively across genres. While our focus was on incorporating sex as essential to plot or character development in writing, Suzy gave us off the cuff craft instruction that transcended the topic. She was funny, effective, patient, and well-prepared, and a great presenter. We can’t wait to have her back!”

Pamela Fagan Hutchins, novelist and President of the Houston Writers Guild

“Suzy was the perfect editor for my manuscript. I couldn’t be happier with her edits and suggestions for improvement. Her enthusiasm and support have been invaluable. I’m feeling like a lucky writer, when, normally, “lucky” and “writer” don’t typically go together. Something to celebrate!”

-Suzanne Adams, novelist and Writers’ League of Texas member