Bradley P. Wilson


After twenty years backstage in Austin’s major theaters, Bradley P. Wilson returned to school in 2011 to pursue his passion for writing and editing fiction. He holds a Masters of Liberal Arts degree in Creative Writing from St. Edwards University and is a freelance editor and writer in Central Texas. Some of his clients include CBAY Books and Greenleaf Book Group. While he loves working on anything from picture books to historical novels, he’s never outgrown his love of space ships and talking animals. Which is why he’s happiest when he’s creating and honing speculative fiction, especially YA and middle grade. Brad volunteers for Austin’s SCBWI Chapter and the Writers’ League of Texas.


  • YA and Middle Grade (in all shapes and sizes), Fantasy and Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Picture Books.


  • Content editing, developmental editing, manuscript critiques, creative writing coaching and mentoring, organizing/leading workshops, and ghost writing.

“Bradley P Wilson is one of the best editors I have ever worked with. Because of his critique of my first middle grade novel, I landed a contract with a highly reputable literary agency. He gave attention to the smallest detail, with an eagle eye on how to make each and every word count. Brad also pushed me to strengthen my characters, up the stakes, and keep the story on the right pace. I know I can trust him to be honest and objective and never sugarcoat his critique. Brad’s edits helped me take my novel to the next level, and helped me to strengthen my skills as a writer. He’s my go-to editor for every project!”

-Christina Soontornovat, author of The Mapmaker’s Boy (Katherine Paterson Middle Grade Award Winner, Hunger Mountain, VCFA Journal of the Arts, 2013)

“I would recommend Bradley P Wilson to anyone looking for quality book editing. Brad worked with me on my first full length novel. He provided a thorough line critique that was very instructive, but he also helped me see the larger picture. He pushed me to recognize what wasn’t working and take steps to correct it. Thanks to his insights and nurturing, my 15,000 word chapter book became a 30,000 word middle grade novel due to be published in 2014. I can’t think of better praise than that.”

David M. Simon, author of Trapped in Lunch Lady Land!  (CBAY Books Yummy But Brainy New Novel Contest Middle Grade Winner, 2013)

“I highly recommend Yellow Bird editors for any writer serious about completing a polished, marketable manuscript. In particular, if you’re working on a sci-fi or fantasy novel and can’t see the galaxy for the stars, I encourage you to seek out Brad Wilson. I had been tinkering with a middle grade fantasy novel for years before I got serious and finished a completed manuscript. Even after several rounds of editing and test readers, I felt it still lacked that special “something” that I couldn’t unlock. Enter Yellow Bird. I first met Yellow Bird at a conference a year ago and was impressed with their industry knowledge and empathetic encouragement and excitement regarding my work, and non pushy nature! Sara Kocek suggested I work with their resident fantasy guru, Brad Wilson. Brad instantly got a feel for what I was trying to accomplish and created a clear and cohesive path of suggestions that I might consider to better enhance my manuscript. Brad utilized his impressive knowledge of classic and contemporary fantasy and sci-fi works to help me develop a distinctive voice and reduce the clutter. He kept intact what worked, or challenged me to better define why something should stay. My new draft is feeling much more like a final draft — better than that — it’s fun to work on again! Yellow Bird feel like old friends to me now, which is a good sign when dealing with any business. Especially when the content is so personal and sacred. I’ll happily use their services again as I look forward to selling my manuscript in the near future.”

Kevin O’Coffey, author of Kingdom of Dreams (Finalist in the 2013 Yellow Bird Editors First Chapter Contest)

“Brad is hands-down the best editor I've ever worked with. He immediately got what I was going for in my manuscript and made all his suggestions staying very much in line with my own vision. His comments were concise and clear, leaving very little room for confusion. He helped take my manuscript from good to great. There's no doubt I'll work with him again on any and all projects I'm working on. Thanks for the help, Brad!”

-Chelsea Flagg, Middle Grade Fantasy Author

“Bradley Wilson tackled this assignment with sterling professionalism. His comments, on the whole, were on target, and demonstrated his keen perception, exceptional skills, and assiduous attention to detail. I’m now in the process of incorporating his relevant comments into the text and reworking those scenes that are impacted. When complete, my manuscript will be markedly improved. Bradley Wilson did a top-notch job, and I’m impressed.”  

-S. Martin Shelton, Captain USNR (ret.)

“Brad dramatically improved my manuscript which will be published this January. He identified structural, world-building, and voice inconsistencies while also providing helpful feedback and suggestions. I learned a lot about the editing process and felt empowered to make my manuscript much better! I look forward to working with Brad again. Worth every penny!”

-Britta Jensen, Young Adult Fantasy Author

"Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to have a YA novel edited by Bradley P Wilson. I was a finalist in a contest run by CBAY Books and, as such, my entire manuscript was reviewed by Brad. When I first saw the four pages of editorial notes, I must admit, I was overwhelmed. But along with the editorial critique, Brad provided line by line feedback on the entire manuscript. His insight and suggestions enabled me to focus on one issue at at time. This was very manageable, and the task of revising was no longer daunting but exciting. Brad’s questions and comments made me think about my characters at a deeper level, allowing me to understand them better. And, with that guidance, I was able to make the necessary revisions.

I am very grateful to Brad for taking the time to really get to know the characters in my book. Because of this, he was able to point out inconsistencies in their traits. He helped me make my characters more plausible. After I finished revising, I went back and reread his four pages of editorial notes. I was no longer overwhelmed. The notes provided a valuable overview of my story and I used it to ensure I had made all the changes that were required to make my story better. I ended up winning the contest, and I believe Brad’s suggestions helped me. I found Brad to be an excellent editor and I hope I get to work with him again."

–Anitha Robinson, author of Broken Worlds (CBAY Books Yummy But Brainy New Novel Contest Young Adult Winner, 2013)