Jennifer Ziegler


Jennifer Ziegler is the author of of more than 20 books in a variety of markets, including YA/middle grade novels, romance series, TV tie-ins, thrillers, and sci-fi/dystopian novels.  A former classroom teacher, Jennifer has led writing workshops and served on expert panels at a number of trade conferences, book festivals, and universities. Her stories, articles and essays have appeared in three YA anthologies, the Austin American-Statesman, Lector, Austin Family, and the Hunger Mountain Literary Magazine.  Jennifer earned journalism and English degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and is a graduate of the New Jersey Writing Program. 


  • Adult, young adult, and middle grade fiction – both literary and genre-based.


  • Manuscript critiques, query letter and synopsis editing, content editing, developmental editing, writing workshops, mentoring, and college essay coaching.

“Jennifer Ziegler’s editorial services are top notch, insightful, and spot on. She knows how to help you craft your manuscript into a stronger and more marketable direction. She is also one of the loveliest and most positive, upbeat persons to communicate with – an absolute gem!”

–Lindsey Scheibe, Author of Riptide (Flux, 2013)

“Jenny’s critiquing skills have been invaluable to my writing. First off, her comments are extremely easy to follow and organized — her last critique of my YA novel was broken down into these main areas: (1) overall thoughts, (2) setting, (3) characters, (4) style/pacing, and (5) plot. And within each area, Jenny provided constructive, thoughtful, and intelligent comments. This was particularly true for her feedback on my characters — Jenny was excellent at helping flesh out their motives, and noticing when my protagonist appeared to be taking action, but really was stuck inside his head. Her comments also strike the perfect balance between being encouraging and pointing out if something’s not working. And for the latter, Jenny has the experience to back it up, often sharing what worked and didn’t work in her own books. Finally, Jenny has excelled at helping develop the humor in my stories. Which isn’t surprising once you talk to her — Jenny’s one of the funniest writers (and people) I know.” 

–Sean Petrie

“Jenny has a knack for getting me into the skin of my characters. Her tremendous empathy for everyone translates into rich, memorable and fully dimensional protagonists, antagonists and supporting characters—even down to that coffee shop barista who appears in one scene. Jenny will work with you on each character until you forget they’re actually fictional and have to stop yourself from sending them Facebook friend requests.”

–Gene Brenek