Katherine Don


Katherine Don is a journalist and author or co-author of eight nonfiction books, including Power of the Dog from St. Martin’s Press, Armchair Reader: The Book of Myths and Misconceptions from Publications International, and The Story of Harper Lee, a YA biography of Harper Lee from Morgan Reynolds Publishing. Katherine’s essays and journalism have appeared at Salon, The Atlantic online, the Huffington Post, and elsewhere. She is a regular contributor at Bustle.com and Romper.com. Her first screenplay, a short film that she co-wrote with a friend, was the first-place winner in the screenwriting category at the 2014 Los Angeles Movie Awards. Katherine holds a bachelor’s degree in biological anthropology from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in literary journalism from NYU.


  • Narrative nonfiction, academic works, books of journalism, essay collections, memoir, health/wellness, book proposals, and other nonfiction book projects.


  • Manuscript critiques, content editing, developmental editing, query letter editing, and private writing coaching.

“Katherine did an amazing job with my manuscript. She helped put the story in a cohesive, beautifully organized format that retained my voice while making my message clear and authoritative. Katherine held my hand during every step of the process from idea creation all the way to making the finest editorial adjustments. I would recommend anyone who is struggling to form a message that cuts through the clutter to work with Katherine.”

-Jovanka Ciares, author, speaker, wellness expert


“I had the privilege of working with Katherine on a book of investigative journalism that took years of research, reporting and writing. Katherine’s help in both research and editing was invaluable. While working on a first draft that was overflowing with too much information, Katherine’s perceptive edits helped me wrangle the narrative back into shape. She’s a sharp thinker with a keen editorial sense of a book’s bigger picture, and she’s also a delight to work with. I highly recommend her to any writer who’s serious about improving their book.”

-Kathryn Joyce, journalist


“I hired Kat to help me during my initial awkward attempts at adapting my screenplay into a novel. Luckily, Kat is an expert in both scriptwriting and literary prose. She was instrumental in helping me finish my first novel, giving me much needed deadlines along with a series of organized manuscript critiques that detailed where I was going wrong and exactly how to fix it. I highly recommend her to writers looking for expert feedback, editing and guidance that yields results.”

-Caroline Flarity, writer (New York City, NY)


"Katherine upped my writing game substantially with her developmental edit of Unspeakable Grudges, a crime fiction novel. Her manuscript critiques ferreted out the weaknesses, and she offered suggestions to improve the narrative.  I highly recommend Katherine to writers for her fresh eye, keen intellect, and guiding hand."

-P.H. Turner, author