CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: The Indie Writer Book Launch Guide

indie writer book launch guide.png

Happy Wednesday, y’all! We wanted to draw your attention to The Indie Writer Book Launch Guide by Yellow Bird client Scott Semegran. This is one of the best book-launch advice pieces we’ve seen. It's well organized, understandable, and thorough. If you’re exploring nontraditional publication routes, be sure to take a look. Below are some of the questions the guide answers:

  • Where and how do you get professional book reviews?

  • Which literary journals can/should you submit your book to?

  • Where do you go about finding book bloggers?

  • How can/should you take advantage of book-related social media sites like GoodreadsLibraryThing, and Riffle?

  • What is an ARC and why should I have one?

  • How and why should I do book giveaways?

  • How and where can I set up a book launch event?

  • How do I create a book trailer?

  • What’s a blog tour, and how can I set one up?

…And much, much more! Thank you, Scott, for bringing this guide to our attention!